1. Knew a Girl

From the recording Crash Cadet 4

This song is about being attracted to someone a little dangerous, and perhaps not the healthiest, but somehow you can’t help but want to be in their life. That feeling of being dragged into something out of your control, but enjoying the descent while it lasts.

Some songs are quick, others take years to develop. This track had a slow beginning. It started as a simple acoustic guitar and vocal tune, then sat in storage for about 6 years. I liked the riff so occasionally I went back to it and tried different instrumentation and sounds but could never get it to work. This summer I sped up the tempo, re-recorded all vocals, and added the heavy guitars.
I think Picasso said a creative work is never finished, only abandoned. This track falls into the “abandoned” category. At this point I can’t tell if I like it or not, it’s been in my head for too long, I'm just happy to be done with it! Here it is, world. I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you do!


Knew a girl who talked so sweet
Arm in arm down the street
Tripping on the way home
Wishing on a skipping stone

Waiting to be
I’m still waiting for me
And I know

Knew a girl who talked so cool
Skipping classes, skipping school
Carpet on the basement wall
Kissing in the closet hall

I will, I will, steal her soul for me
I will I will steal her soul for me

There’s something about the water in the well
There’s something about the secrets she won’t tell

Loved her so to such degree
Vowed my life and her to me
Together we fell down that well
Rode that fever clear to hell

I will, I will steal her soul for me
I will, I will be her victory